Vinod Bansal

I am overwhelmed at this juncture of being the Chairman of this Group which is thoroughly dedicated and committed with a deep sense of responsibility towards society.
We, as the Bansal Group of Institutions, provide quality education based on professionalism and expertise and are industry oriented, thereby emphasizing a learning environment unparalleled in terms of academic ambience to each and every student.
Students today are competing in a rapidly changing world. Simply covering the curriculum will not do. At the Bansal Group, we equip our students with both quality education and industry/corporate exposure to ensure that they become versatile talents of tomorrow.



Pramod Bansal

We, at the Bansal Group of Institutions believe in transition. The transition of the student, from a youngster to a responsible professional, ready to face the challenges and be a compulsive winner.
We also believe in dedication, diligence, discipline, regularity and all that is the very quintessence of the best, to make you a human being so that humanity can be proud of you. We are equipped with the latest and the best engineering equipment, instruments and machines. The members of the faculty are amongst the best in their fields.
We ensure that our students are provided with all the basic amenities for their comfort so that they can concentrate on their studies.
Our dream is to make dynamic young technocrats, who will pursue their vocation with dedication, compassion and a high degree of professionalism.
We look forward to welcoming you in our campus and we are confident that the Bansal Group of Institutions will be a stepping stone to your successful professional career.


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